Promise Me

Posted By ryanahf 
Artwork by Vanshika Singh                                      
you assure me
with gentle eyes
and earnest tones,
that i, your child,
can do and be anything
and everything.
but amma,
will you still
love me so,
when i tear apart
the musty curtains?
when i walk you through
my dark nights
and bleaker mornings?
when you finally feel
my heart weep?
when i tell you
that i don’t paint my future
in pinks and blues,
that i can love more hues
than you know of,
that your anythings and everythings
cannot confine me,
define me,
promise me that you
won’t see red,
promise me you won’t dismiss me
or deem me
too young to know,
promise me that you won’t
tell me that
kaleidoscopes are but
mere playthings,
that a seventeen year old
shouldn’t try to build
their life
with oddly coloured thoughts,
but please,
continue to dream
of a happy ending
for your child.

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