Blue Is The Warmest Colour


Posted by Dollar Kathuria

Artwork by Damini Mehta
bisexual, cis female

This movie is purely 3 hours of cinematic orgasms. It is about a French teen (Adele) who forms a deep emotional and sexual connection with an older art student (Emma) she met in a lesbian bar.  Adele, the protagonist, is an introverted, teen girl,  who has very little perceptive. Her messy hair, natural beauty and experimentation with sexuality symbolizes the metamorphosis of a girl into a woman. The movie  is centred around the two main themes: First, Sexuality and Second, Social Classes. 

Adele is trying to explore her identity. In spite of being three hours long Blue Is The Warmest Colour never wears out its appeal. It is, in essence, a love story like we’ve seen again and again, except this time with bold lesbian sex and love. Much of the film’s power is laid squarely on the shoulders of Adele, and she is captivating, in turns an inscrutable teenager, then painfully vulnerable in her need for love and acceptance.  

The director has tried to showcase the division of the social classes through the means of both protagonist’s families. Adele’s conservative, middle class family versus Emma’s  more open-minded, artsy family. The contrasts between the two of the them are shown on the dinning scenes. Emma’s family  embraces her relationship with Adele, while Adele introduces Emma as her philosophy tutor because she knows that her family won’t accept her relationship. 

The film does push the envelope by giving voice to the story of a sexually fluid young woman, and by defiantly displaying raw and earnest intercourse unlike many audiences are likely to have seen before. But ultimately, Kechiche’s direction feels so heavy-handed that it undercuts the beautiful roughness of its first love story and the emotional vulnerability its actresses so boldly displayed. His ego and drive to push the boundaries detract from the movie’s best attribute, which is the dual performances that make three hours fly by.

A must-watch for anyone!

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