Hate Crimes And Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ Community In India 2018


Posted by  Rishi Raj Vyas & Devyani Mahajan

The following list is updated every month

Latest Update : June-August, 2018

1 ) Thiruvananthapuram: P.C. George, MLA, allegedly asked Transgender Cell project officer Syama S. Prabha, a transwoman, if she was a man dressed up as a woman.


2) Opposed by family, lesbian couple in Mathura approach police for help to ‘get married’


3) A lesbian couple allegedly committed suicide after throwing a three-year-old child of one of them in the Sabarmati river on Monday, the police said.


4) On the evening of June 6, a hate crime was committed by Delhi Police outside Hauz Khas Village’s Summer House Cafe. They lathi charged, slapped, and verbally abused a gay man for hugging his friend who happens to be a trans person. His two friends – one of them, a woman from South India was referred to as a “Nigerian who must be thrown out” and anti-black slurs were hurled at her; the other, a trans woman was labeled an “escort”. The assault victim too was subjected to a series of vulgar homophobic insults.


5) MON, June 9, 2018: A couple, said to be fortune tellers, have been ordered out of Mon district by the police. The Mon police issued a press release on Friday informing that the couple identified as Ura Thirupathi and Ura Laxmi were ordered to leave the district in the interest of their safety and public peace.

The husband-wife duo was suspected of “being members of a child kidnapping gang for illegal harvesting of organs, and of being transgender.”


6) A transgender woman and LGBTQ activist from Karnataka alleged that she along with other members of the community were ousted from their village . While this incident came to light just recently, it is one of the many that illustrate the ostracisation and harassment faced by the transgender community in India.


7) Earlier this year, Padmashali revealed how she was denied accommodation by landlords. The prices were doubled and when once she finally got a place, her water supply was cut.Others said her presence was ‘black mark’ on the building.In some cases, people knocked at her doors at night to have sex. “They assume that I am a sex-worker and beggar,” she had said.


8) On Monday, the court ordered that a trans woman be subjected to psychological test to determine if indeed she was a trans woman, after her mother moved the court with a habeas corpus petition alleging illegal detention by the transgender community of Ernakulam.


9)CHENNAI: A man stabbed his gay partner to death before ending his life by hanging at the shop where they worked on Ritchie Street, off Anna Salai, on Sunday night, police said.


10)Diya Sharma, a transgender person who was beaten up by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers on May 27, attempted to commit suicide after a video of the incident went viral on social media.


11) hyderabad: Fourteen persons, including a juvenile, were arrested by city police for allegedly lynching a transgender at Chandrayangutta four days ago. Three others transgenders were injured in the attack.


12) Delhi youths stab cross-dressing orphan to death


13) The Thane police lodged an FIR against 15 workers of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) for allegedly beating up four transgenders in Kapurbawdi.


14) The unnatural death of two college girls – terminally ill Rinki Patra and Shipra Mahkal – on the railway track of Uluberia on Sunday


15) 200 pelts stones at transgenders rumoured to be child lifters, kills 1


16)The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has informed the Delhi High Court that a transsexual sailor, who was discharged from the naval service after undergoing sex re-assignment surgery (SRS), cannot be reinstated as he does not fulfil the eligibility criteria under which he was enrolled.


17) ALLAHABAD: Out of a meeting of Akhada Parishad and the administration convened on May 19 to finalise the dates of Shahi Snan, the akhada of transgender seers, Kinnar Akhada, has alleged “discrimination” by chief minister Yogi Adityanath and Kumbh mela administration.
The Kinnar Akhada claims membership of over 100 LGBT seers.


18)Four ac­cused of killing Ker­ala trans­gen­der activist acquitted https://www.pressreader.com/@LGBTQ_India_News/csb_a4gofBpfziqZmRoKLBFFBIPW6H4HzhqMOn72R8AzD_I

19) Hyderabad: The Nalgonda district police on Thursday solved the mystery behind the murder of an employee of Indian Detonators Private Limited, Narketpally, with the arrest of his friend. The police said that the murder was a result of a homosexual relationship.

The victim Pati Jaanreddy, a resident of Narketpally in Nalgonda district, was found dead naked with his hands and legs tied to a cot near an agriculture well on the village outskirts. His body bore multiple injuries made with sharp weapons.


20) Pune: Man assaults male friend for refusing to have sex


21) Kerala: 22-year-old jumps to death after parents object to sex reassignment surgery


22) After 18 years of marriage, wife filed a complaint against gay husband


23) A 16-year-old boy was allegedly murdered by his partner for threatening to disclose the two were in a same-sex relationship in a village in the district of Mau in Uttar Pradesh. The body of the boy, with his throat slit, was found lying on the highway in Kasra village, roughly 20 kilometers from his home, on Wednesday morning.


24 )I’ m transgender, and no one is giving me a house to stay in Mumbai: Shakti Waghela


25) Kolkata teacher sacked over sexual orientation sends legal notice to global school body


26) Delhi College Student Killed By Designer He Met On Dating App: Police


27 ) ‘Bring these girls on the right course’: 10 students ‘accused’ of lesbianism, Kolkata school goes into uproar


28) 18-year-old Ghaziabad girl kills mother with rod; father blames daughter’s ‘affair with female teacher


29) ‘Won’t Allow Lesbianism In Schools’: Bengal Education Minister


30) the overwhelming majority of articles was focused on sexual violence and harassment, including rape, molestation, and child abuse, which were also the only topics to make it to the front pages.Among the many other SRHR topics largely sidelined were LGBT issues, which accounted for just 3% of the coverage and mostly focused on Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar’s sexuality.


31) These days, transgenders in the state are facing attacks from the police as well as the public.


32) KAPURTHALA: One person was arrested after police busted a blackmailing racket allegedly involved in gay sex who induced innocent people and then made their pornographic videos.


33) Rivalry between transgender groups turns ugly; poisoned sweets kill 2


34) In India, a Young Guy Slit His Older Lover’s Throat During Sex and Stole His Money


35) St. Stephen’s murder: He was on antipsychotic drug after knowing he was gay, parents of missing doc tell High Court


36) Bhopal gay scientist’s suicide note: Dying to save man I love from death


37) Girl ‘was brutally beaten and had chilli powder poured in her mouth for being a lesbian’


38) Class 10 student kills self after classmates bully him for ‘being effeminate’


39) Transgender stabbed to death in Madurai city


40) Transgender stabbed to death in Surat Mall


41) Transgender beaten to death in Jalandhar


42) Lesbian couple fired from job due to their relationship


43) Transgenders flay Chittoor TDP MP’s portrayal of ‘Hijra’


44) ‘How can you be raped?’ Doctor’s words to transgender in India an example of the ‘transphobia’ that stops many getting health care


45) The torment that never ends: Shrien Dewani was sensationally accused of arranging his bride’s murder on their honeymoon. Four years on, her family watches as he flaunts his gay romance and wonders if they will EVER get justice


46) नहीं होने दी समलैंगिक जोड़े की शादी


47) ‘Air India Violated NALSA Judgment’, Anand Grover Submits For Transgender Woman Excluded From Cabin Crew Selection…


48) Mob attacks speechless transgender


49) Memorandum to the Chief Minister, Delhi condemning the derogatory, anti-transgender person remarks by Ms. Alka Lamba, AAP MLA and calling for immediate withdrawal of the same, with a public apology.


50) You are educated and safe in india, swiss officials reject asylum of a trans woman


51) Transgender teen gang raped in pithoria


52) My land lord tried to molest me for “looking gay”


53) 4 held for blackmailing a man with nude pics


54) Maneka Gandhi Called Transgenders ‘The Other Ones’ in Parliament And Our Dear MPs Laughed  


55) Transgender jumps into lake in Ajmer, body not found


56) Transgenders allege atrocities by jamat group


57) Transgenders colony lacks basic facilities


59) Kolkata: transwoman denied entry to hotel on sudder street


60) Transgender beaten to death


61) AAI dubs staffer as ‘male’, PAN card calls her ‘female’ 


62) Polimer TV’s coverage of Akshay Dev’s suicide shows how lives of trans men are reduced to mere television fodder


Image Source: Revelandriot.com


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