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We asked our members to pick their 2018 faves through a poll and the results are in! This poll was conducted in a hurry so it is not a scientific indicationof who or what was objectively gayest this year. Read on to know what our members have picked as symbolic markers of the gayest year.

Best Gay™️ moment: Hayley Kiyoko becomes lesbian Jesus (38.1%)

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This comes as no surprise because 2018 was indeed the year Hayley Kiyoko blessed us with Sapphic treasures – her witty interviews, ultra gay music videos, collabs, and tours. Following the rank of this historical moment is that one time Demi Lovato and Kehlani kissed and grinded on each other in front of thousands of screaming fans which received 26.2% of the votes.

Best Indian drag queen: Betta Naan Stop (50%)

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Betta Naan Stop is one of India’s most promising drag queens at the moment. We are in awe of her ability to do the splits and strut her stuff on stage with 9 inch heels. She also does makeup tutorials on YouTube and has by far, one of the most amazing energy on stage. Following Betta Naan Stop on the poll is the powerful Maya with 23.8% of the votes.

Special mention: Shabnam Be-Wafa, our very own princess at Nazariya LGBT deserves a special shoutout as she could not be nominated for this poll because of her association with us.

Best Indian queer friendly publication: Gaysi (45.2%)

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Gaysi has been working hard for years to highlight queer lives through digital media and hosting their 2×2 bar nights and zine bazaars. They publish stories, art, and various other queer stuff on their platform and have been playing an active role in the Indian queer movement. Following Gaysi is Cake by Youth Ki Awaaz which secured 26.2% of the votes.

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This year’s Tarang was one of the best queer cultural experience for our members as it provided a platform for queer artists to showcase their talents as well as exhibiting various other art forms. Following Tarang on the poll is Kitty Su‘s after pride party with 35% where the queer community danced and bonded after the annual Delhi Queer Pride.

Favourite queer activist: Vqueeram (29.3%)

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Our members love the bold and unabashed Vqueeram Aditya Sahai who delivers facts with sass in their talks. We’re also a fan because they’re not afraid of upsetting a few people while questioning dominant beliefs even if it’s not necessarily politically correct. Following Vqueeram, we also love Kumam Davidson and Pavel Salgolsem (19.5%) from The Chinky Homo Project which serves as a “digital and print queer anthology of north east India”.

Best queer friendly dating app: Tinder (57.1%)

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The most popular dating app among our members is good ol’ Tinder. Tinder has been actively trying to improve the dating experience of queer individuals in India and our members appreciate this effort. Following Tinder is obviously Grindr with 28.6% of the votes.

Most queer friendly campus (Delhi): LSR, Delhi University (45.2%)

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There is no denying the fact that Delhi University isn’t the best in providing spaces for queer students with the Gender Sensitisation Cell set up by the DUSU remaining largely inactive. However, in terms of organising events and according to the experiences of our members, it seems Lady Shri Ram College for Women under Delhi University is the most queer friendly campus in Delhi followed by Ambedkar University with 33.3% votes.

Best LGBT spot in Delhi: Connaught Place (54.8%)


Connaught Place has been the centre of many of our street events and sensitisation campaigns. Despite the (occasional) police intrusions, it is the most convenient place to gather up crowds and sensitise the masses. Connaught Place is also famous for its gay cruising areas, where queer men openly flirt with each other (and sometimes do a lot more than flirting). Following C.P. is Q CAFE (21.4%) which remains one of our favourites ever since its inception.

Indian series with LGBT representation/theme: Romil and Jugal (40.5%)

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Eventhough this was technically streaming in 2017, it follows us and remains our favourite in 2018. Following this series is Sacred Games with its ‘transwoman representation’ (33.3%) which was a debated topic mostly because the character Cuckoo was portrayed by a cis-het woman.

Best Movie: Call Me By Your Name (61.9%)


Released in 2017, Call me by your name reached most Indian audiences a year later because fans alleged that the Indian Censor Board wasn’t allowing it to be screened further popularising this movie. This coming of age romantic movie is followed by Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic of one of the most famous bisexuals – Freddy Mercury with 23.8% of our members voting for it.

Best queer anthem: Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman” (38.1%)


It’s interesting to see Ariana Grande evolve from being called a Disney star to becoming one of the most beloved icons for the Gays™️. Her single “God is a woman” has been one of the most popular and empowering song for us as she keeps on blessing us with hits after hits in 2018. This song remains the most iconic anthem of the year of the gays followed by Troye Sivan’s “Bloom” (28.6%).

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