Poem: Queer, But Not Quite

Posted By: Anureet Watta
Photography By: Aayushya Ranjan
The restaurant four blocks from my house,
Serves the most amazing chinese,
And it’s not even a Chinese restaurant,
it’s just that everyone is always talking about the
fried onions and the smell of soy with pepper and the garlic on top of the rice, always the rice
and it’s not like I even am a Chinese person
it’s just that who isn’t, right?
So this Friday,
this random man walks in
And has the audacity to order the pizza
and all hell breaks loose,
a few helicopters fly down
north Korea somehow joins tinder
the USA puts NASA on hold
some man in the distance, recites every religion ever known,
almost like food preferences could start WW3.
And it’s not like, they’ve never served the pizza
Its just that if everyone is eating the fucking Chinese,
You should too.
Credit: Aayushya Ranjan
So the guys with chopsticks in their hands
Cancel the pizza
which is absurd ,
because the pizza has nothing to do with the garlicy chicken with the ridiculous dumplings
the way my sexuality has nothing to do with your hetero agenda
it’s a free country right?
Funny thing when, everyone supports gay rights
until someone is actually gay
then it’s just, ‘oh, don’t hit on me’
like we would,
Almost As if, homophobia is a straight guy’s fear that,
another man will treat him the way, he treats other women.
Like, your sexuality is only allowed
When it’s the funny side kick to my narrative
When it can sell like the comic
When I can click on it
When you can close your eyes to the fact
That this community will exist
even when everyone else doesn’t want it to.
Welcome to this alternative universe,
Where there isn’t a closet
i bring home a boyfriend and its fine
I bring home a girlfriend and its okay
I bring home someone who doesn’t identify as either
And it’s still alright
Alternative universe,
Where this love works more on consent
And less on identities
Wild concept, right?
And, I know Elsa having a girlfriend might ruin your kids
Like what if they learn, the ‘wrong things’
newsflash, 17 years of Bollywood
And I still don’t date every guy who stalks me home
But like why does everything have to be gay?
Why does everything have to be straight?
And if you think about it,
everything is already gay
All these rainbows, that we didn’t create, gay
13 years of Harry potter, and Draco slytherin into Harry’s chamber of secrets, gay
Our entire species is called, HOMO sapiens, checkmate, gay
The patriarchy telling me to like feminine things,
So I improvise and fall in love with an entire woman, gay
all good things are gay.
Even if you close your eyes.
Credit: Aayushya Ranjan
Hello, Buzzfeed
Here’s a wild concept,
Kristen stewart, holding her girlfriends hand on valentines day,
Isn’t two gal pals having a fun day out
Maybe this is 50 shades of gay,
Maybe they are, loversssss
And I know it sounds weird,
When I talk about lesbians as normal human beings,
And not mystical creatures on porn hub,
when they only passport for their existence
is not how hot straight men find them.
The internet tells me
homophobia is dead
The internet tells me
everything is gay
The internet tells me
this isn’t a problem anymore
The internet does not know
Being woke has never outweighed being alive.
This isn’t just a political discussion
This is my life.
I know i talk too much about this
Troye sivan and Hayley kiyoko and all this “stuff” makes you uncomfortable
But guess what
My existence is uncomfortable.
Imagine having to introduce yourself,
To your own mom, dad, your own fucking best friend,
All the apologies that sit on the tip of your tongue,
Willing to spill out
All the times you practiced saying
“I’m sorry if my heart has unconvinced you”
What does it say about you,
that you are hoarding apologies never to forgive,
what does it say about you,
that you are expecting apologies in the first place.

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