Attention Netizens: Cancelling Is Cancelled

Posted By: Sandhra Sur

Dear Woke Netizens (of Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and Facebook and…whatever else children use these days),

Can we stop it with the cancelling?! I know it’s trendy. And I know it’s really fun to jump onto the bandwagon of bitching (especially if it makes you feel morally superior). But sometimes less is more. Sometimes it’s better to…how do I say this nicely? Oh yes: shut the fuck up.

Believe it or not, your two cents are not always necessary. And absolutely nobody is going to engrave your 140 characters or 20 stories on a plaque and frame it. Instead of blindly adding fuel to the fire, perhaps choose to sit back, evaluate, and think.

As Chimamanda Adhiche says, “Think of people as people, not as abstractions who have to conform to bloodless logic but as people –fragile, imperfect, with prides that can be wounded and hearts that can be touched.”

Internet Outrage Exercises
by Brian McFadden

Of course it is impossible to know the “whole truth” about a situation—which is why it is easy for us to construct a caricature and treat it like a photograph.

Touting political correctness for the sake of political correctness is easy. What is difficult is taking a step back and assessing what the phrase really means. Intersectionality is the buzzword of contemporary feminism. But isn’t it ironic that it is upper-class, mostly upper-caste English speaking women that dominate discourses?

There is a pressure to perform a certain kind of inclusivity and political correctness if one is to be considered “socially conscious.” Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi individuals are used as pin-ups to validate one’s performance of intersectionality. But is outrage that sees itself as a translator of DBA people’s demands truly intersectional?

It is therefore important to look at where the outrage is coming from and what it’s material (if any) repercussions are.

And here’s the final question: would you perform your outrage as vehemently if you didn’t have an audience?

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