Coming Out Wasn’t A One Time Thing


Posted By: Anureet Watta
Art By: Bhavya
coming out was never a one time thing,
there are still days where we have to spell
a gender, an orientation, an existence, a heartbeat,
but maybe soon, we won’t have to,
maybe soon,
it’ll be our last time around this.
You tell me,
what it’s like to dream, a body for yourself,
heights and hands and parts,
which match your heart,
you want to pick a name,
so much softer than all the things you’ve been through;
you’ve never longed to be understood
just acknowledged.
our fights are different, but together,
under the same skies, with the same doubtful eyes,
so I promise to stand behind you,
I’m not really a hug person ,
but I think we can both use one,
it is hard to carry so much hurt,
in a heart that has learnt to love,
the way it was never taught to,
in chests which have never quite felt like your own,
in hands that still have to keep proving their actuality.
friend, longings are soft
but it’s the soft things that destroy us in the end,
that turn fights into revolutions,
it has always hurt to become,
what you intended to,
but even when
no one is looking
blossoming is still blossoming,
the moon does not have to ask,
before it changes,
the moon has never learnt to apologise,
when it shines greater than the sun.

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