Posted by: Prakhar Sinha

Life isn’t something that runs by a very definitive set of conduct and moral behavior. We often reckon what has been around for ages, is right, and it needs to be followed to eschew any entropy and babel in our civilization. But how do we determine if those set of rules are beneficial and instrumental for us, or just plain balderdash? Well, if you ask me, we’re pretty sure what would make us progress as a nation, and what would patent hold us back. But many of us don’t want to change, and can’t accept any reconstruct around us. The things we can’t fathom, we often reject and repudiate them, and docket them as plain blather. I bet somewhere inside we know if we try hard enough, the things we can’t understand and envisage would start coming naturally to us. The world doesn’t fight for or challenge something lest we really need it. And c’mon, who are we chaffing? We dodge away everything that doesn’t affect us. Don’t we? Maybe that does elucidate everything? But I’m so glad and gleeful that things are finally changing , more or less irrevocable, and we’re transcending to a new era, a very new aeon to us, where we consciously create, engender, concoct and choose what we want, and what we don’t. Not beating around the bush too much, let me untangle what I’m talking about. It’s October 18 , 2018 today when I’m writing this with such pride and gratification. So proud and elated because the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Homosexuality, and Section 377 is no more pushed upon on us. The Supreme Court took this historic and epoch-making decision on September 6 , 2018 . A major adjudication for the nation , I must say . I saw ardor everywhere. This was the day when the nation was so proud of our Supreme Court, it was the day I felt so legitimately proud from inside . This day revolutionized and transmuted everything for the LGBTQ+ community.

I saw the nation celebrating and extolling so passionately , in such a messianic and fervent fashion, the reason being we all felt like our country wasn’t afraid anymore to take very progressive steps, the steps we should’ve taken years ago. Nevertheless, this wasn’t a step, it was a leap for India. This vault was much needed.Imagine being a homosexual, envisage it from within, living a life where you can’t never really open up about your choices in life. You’re not allowed to choose, no brook at all, to live life your way. Imagine being from any section of the society, from a section that is deprived of it’s dignity, constitutional recognition, and constitutional support and freedom. They couldn’t think of succor. Let me tell you, people were living life this way, trying hard and steely to blend in with everyone, every single day. But they couldn’t, because everyone is not the same, and embracing your uniqueness is the only way out. You have to espouse yourself. I don’t blame the our community either, because with no backup or support from the government, you never verily feel comfortable in your skin. It’s a feeling of being stuck with wrong traits and nonplussed, albeit we know how naturally these traits come to us, these peculiarities palpably innate, and there’s nothing wrong with them.

Homosexuality is not a sin, not erroneous in any way, it’s a blessing in disguise. An unalloyed benison. You feel things that other humans don’t, and you’re so unique, idiosyncratic and divergent from others that it adds so much to diversity all together.

LGBTQ+ community is synonymous with sui generi . But what really intrigues me, is that having met so many members of this community, I deduced that you can’t really tell a heterosexual apart from a homosexual. Isn’t it enthralling? It’s just that we’ve made up in our minds that people from variegated communities are different all together. They’re not, we’re humans, after all. Every community needs to be respected, no matter what anyone else has to say about that community. Every human needs to be venerated. People come up with all sorts of logic, facts and argumentation to pull down other cultures, religion and communities co-existing with us, to give weight to their belief that this or that person is inferior and lowly because of the community they belong to. Now that is what holds us back as a society. Love clearly won for the homosexuals, and for everyone living in this nation. Love would always triumph, would always make us progress as a nation. Love makes the human race thrive. Hate wouldn’t take us anywhere. I think September 6, 2018 already delivered a very powerful and potent message, that love is the only thing going to take a nation and the entire humankind forward.

Love wins, and so does the human race. The judges adjudged the fact that along with decriminalizing homosexuality, this judgment would also take a leap forward in creating a safe and benign place for the members of the community. It would end all the abhor. This would help in eradicating any form of homophobia that existed, and somewhere asks people to accept everyone, the judgement supplicates the population for embosoming them, even if you understand them or not, or if it’s a very new community you aren’t familiar with. Our nation has it’s own issues, many nodi and quandaries, but I’m happy that we aren’t just sitting idly doing nothing about it. The youth is well aware of all the issues, and is willing to bring about a change in the society. Volition staunch enough to metamorphose our civilization.

Rajdhani college held a pride parade on October 10 , 2018 and that palpably signifies what I’m trying to say here. It was a very vibrant parade, eminently coruscating, effervescent and vivacious. The number of students partaking in the event was prodigious. Almost everyone I knew was there at the event. This culminates to me concluding that, this is what I always dreamt of. The glorious victory of love in our nation, vanquishment of revulsion, and people going out of their ways to celebrate it. Unequivocally stellar. After all, love never comes with judgment and hate, or arraigns and loathe, it comes with a lot of ecstasy, jubilation and cosmic happiness. 

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  1. Truly I never paid much attention to such issues. Yes maybe because it wasn’t about me. But after reading this article I do realize the responsibility I have here. Thank you cousin! Keep writing. Kind of proud of you now ❤


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    Something we should be talking about!


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