Poem: Breathe

Posted by Rajeev Anand

You’ve been intimidated.
you need acceptance,
but not from them..
Accept yourself first and they’ll follow.
(because they’re really good at following)
You’ve been ignored.
You desire justice.
but you don’t need beg it.
you just need to Create it, envision it,
be the cause and the reason for it.
(Because you need your smile)
You’ve been degraded.
You need to educate the other to counter your reject.
Cleanse both the cause and the symptom of their mind.
(Because no one can declare your worth)
Your parents don’t hate you.
They just fear their fears.
Fears arising from centuries long conventions.
Calm down thier fears and the minds will open.
(Because their hearts are always open)
You’ve been ridiculed, cat called… “faggots, unnatural, deranged, unconventional, broken, insane, delusional, freaks.” These words don’t exist in the dictionary of love.
Your love has been disintegrated. (But listen you deserve a freaking great love Story)
Dear world.
We are the 10%.
Love is love is love is love.
You can’t rejuvenate or modify it.
If it’s love ,you know it, Just go for it.
Pride is fight against discrimination.
it does not want anything new.
it just calls for removal of rusted opinions. (Because self-love can’t die)
So just breathe,
In a very long time….
you breathe,
Breathe your sexuality upon their rancid ideals,
Breathe your presence of mind to tackle their irrational fears.
Let no one else determine it
it’s completely your thing.
So breathe and live
live your life as you want to be.
Breathe love, Live Love.
 (Because you deserve to be happy)
You’ve been living like the lines within brackets above.
You matter but never on the surface
Don’t be just another symbol like peaceful dove.
But come out the brackets of insecurities, fear or acceptance,
Accept yourself, desire yourself.
Most importantly love yourself.
Cause you Fucking deserve your happiness and smile.
Take a stand if need arise.
Because you need to be alright.

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