Lok Sabha 2019: When The Queer Community Voted Against Itself

Posted By: Ruth Chawngthu

There’s no denying that the queer community in India remains largely divided on the basis of caste, creed and religion. With the rise of Hindu nationalism in the previous decades, there is no doubt that there has been a rise in Hindutva sentiments within the Hindu queer strata. With the recent landslide win of the NDA in the recent Lok Sabha elections, we have been observing a spike in hate mongering within the queer community itself.

I personally observed that in many of the queer support groups, many have shared their experiences with and interaction with these so called Sanghi queers who think that the BJP is ostensibly in favour of LGBT+ rights despite the fact that the BJP has consistently voted against LGBT+ bills in parliament and introduced anti-LGBT bills such as the Trans Rights Bill which seeks to gender police trans and gender non-conforming persons, the anti-trafficking bill which seeks to make sex work more unsafe, as well as the surrogacy bill which excluded LGBT+ parents. Not only this, they were perhaps one of the few political parties who did not include any legible LGBT+ inclusive policy in their manifesto.


So why did Hindu queers vote for NDA? The answer is simple. Hindutva sentiments and Hindu nationalism has pervaded the consciousness of the average Hindu’s mind so much so that they would rather choose their Hindu identity and supremacy over their queerness. They would rather maintain and preserve their Hindu upper-caste privilege than gain progress as a queer community. We saw so many outrage on social media, jokes were made by a lot of “woke” Hindu folks. Their jokes comes at the cost of actual human lives. The 5 year NDA regime might just be a discomfort to them but for us, it means violence, rape, deaths. How can we be silent when our country is homicidal?

I hope we understand that we are all indirectly complicit to the radicalization of our peers, our family members and those around us. We are responsible for the privilege that we carry and therefore must educate them. Ignorance does not happen in isolation. It happens because the far right political pundits and politicians use layman terms to lure their supporters and it is easier to understand their language and politics. As someone coming from one of the smallest states in India, and as a tribal who has had to fight for most of my knowledge, please get rid of the academic jargons. Stop the divide.

As long as voices of Queers, Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasis as well as voices from the Northeast are ignored by the left, it will not gain popularity. And I can’t emphasise this enough, lose the academic jargons and move away from your campus and on to the streets. Let’s move away from our echo chambers.

Image Source: SecretlyPrettyGay

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  1. Akshay says:

    Who the hell are you to write such nonsense articles on behalf of us? Nobody asked me why i voted modi? Judgmental morons accept the verdict. For us nation is first. Modi government rather destroyed caste based votes, 53 % Muslims voted for NDA. Don’t fool us. Remove this article asap.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Calm down lol


    2. Anonymousfuckbjp says:

      Dude. What? No. No Muslims or Dalits, Bahujans, Adivasis voted BJP in majority. We recognize our murderers when we see them. You’re just pressed because this is true.


    3. Anonymous says:

      Nor did Sikhs


  2. Ash says:

    In some ways, the results are a wake up call for progressives and liberals in India. Modi is conservative and has all the hallmarks of a fascist. However, foisting a weak dynast as a Prime Ministerial candidate against him and hoping that enough people would vote for a platform that has not provided any substantive alternate in terms of policy is wishful thinking. Didn’t work for Hillary, failed for Rahul Gandhi. It’s also easier to dismiss people who voted for BJP as bigots and casteist. There is no question that some people vote based on caste interests but by and large this election has changed so many preconceived notions about the Indian electorate.

    A quick look at the results from Indias largest state, Uttar Pradesh, dispels that theory. Modi was up against a formidable alliance between 2 political outfits that represent the interest of backward and Dalit population. Again, people chose to vote with BJP and shunned the alliance. Keep in mind that the majority of the population in most of India belong to ‘other backward classes’ category. If progressives and liberals have to win, we have to shed the old lens through which we continue to analyze how people vote the way they do. At the very least, we can all agree that India is young and aspirational and whoever is able to resonate with this aspirational class gets to rule.

    Lastly, the queer community in India (unlike in US) is not an organized politically active voting block that the left or the right court. Queer people are also not single issue voters and have the unique burden of making voting decisions that can balance their sexuality with economic and governance aspirations. It’s easier for people sitting in AC rooms to make sweeping judgments and call queer Hindus as casteist than acknowledge their own failure in being able to provide better alternatives for governance.


  3. Anonymous says:



  4. Anonymous says:

    If LGBT community lets these anti-nationals Hijack their cause, then god bless India and the cause. They just try to use every possible group/platform/cause to propel their anti-national activities, recent solgans on Kashmir, Religion..what it has to do with LGBT rights?


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