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Founder & Head of Operations:

Ruth V. Chawngthu

Head Co-ordinator:


As the movement for the liberation of the LGBT community is gaining momentum in India, in many ways it has struggled far more than other social movements to be recognized. Not only has society till date declined to acknowledge the movement but it has declined to acknowledge the existence of anything different from heterosexual love. The twenty-first century has produced massive advances for the LGBT+ movement worldwide and India too must join the revolution for change.

Nazariya, a grassroots level LGBT+ Straight alliance which is also a direct action advocacy group originating from Delhi University aims to empower open-minded individuals from various educational institutions in Delhi and the youth in general to fight prejudice, casteism, sexism, and racism. Founded in August 2017, we aim at creating a safe space for members of the LGBT+ community as well as straight allies to interact and socialize. As an independent, self-funded organization, we have a good amount of social media following (more than 12k in total) along with more than a hundred active youth members from various colleges and institutions in Delhi. Our vision is of campuses where students feel a shared responsibility to increase their individual understanding of and comfort with diversity, to enhance their ability to work collaboratively in order to raise awareness, and create a culture where they can advocate for inclusion and social justice for all.

At Nazariya, we believe that people of privilege can use their privilege to fight for the rights of others to build a more progressive and accepting society which is why we have extended membership to straight allies. Intersectionality is another core principle for us as we believe that in order to achieve justice and equality, the queer movement needs to be a lot more inclusive and accessible. Thus, we must provide a platform for the religious minorities, intersex, gender non-conforming, tribals, dalits, disabled, and many others who are often erased or overlooked by the mainstream queer movement. We also believe that the Indian queer movement is largely dominated by the older generation and it does not fully cater to the needs of the younger generation, therefore, we advocate for more youth involvement within the movement. Deeply inspired by the struggles of the Indian feminist movement, we strongly believe in feminism and also possess anti-establishment beliefs.

Since Nazariya’s conception in August 2017, we have constantly been expanding and have received immense love not only from Delhi University but also from all over India. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we are all so eager to see what’s in store for us. Our aim is to grow enough to have Nazariya chapters in states and campuses where the queer movement is non-existent. Nazariya will always be first and foremost, an independent queer youth alliance where we seek to magnify the voices of those that are marginalized within the queer community and society and not an alliance where sentiments of the privileged are favoured over the struggles of the marginalized.