A Dummy’s Guide To Queer Theory

Erasure of queer narratives in mainstream history has been a common
phenomenon worldwide. From the secret lives of scientists, to the not so secret gay erotica published by mainstream poets, queer identities have always been

Lok Sabha 2019: When The Queer Community Voted Against Itself

So why did Hindu queers vote for NDA? The answer is simple. Hindutva sentiments and Hindu nationalism has pervaded the consciousness of the average Hindu’s mind so much so that they would rather choose their Hindu identity and supremacy over their queerness.

At Least…

My coming out doesn’t need your disgust or hatred or silence,
Or your performative wokeness that lasts shorter than my “gay phase”;
It doesn’t need your ‘Cool, I don’t care’,
We’ve been scared for too long for that
It at least needs a hug.
At least..

Poem: Breathe

Dear world.
We are the 10%.
Love is love is love is love.
You can’t rejuvenate or modify it.
If it’s love ,you know it, Just go for it.
Pride is fight against discrimination.
it does not want anything new.
it just calls for removal of rusted opinions.

Attention Netizens: Cancelling Is Cancelled

Believe it or not, your two cents are not always necessary. And absolutely nobody is going to engrave your 140 characters or 20 stories on a plaque and frame it. Instead of blindly adding fuel to the fire, perhaps choose to sit back, evaluate, and think.

The History Of Men’s Rights Activism And Where It Went Wrong

  By Sapphira Beth queer, non-binary she/they Men’s Rights Activism is something that’s currently still taking up roots in most parts of the world, with men thinking that they are somehow supposedly being systematically oppressed by “feminism”. Within Indian boundaries, the men’s rights movement has been steadily growing with even women showing support and advocating…

Why Is It Difficult to Accept Pink Capitalism?

Posted by Vaishnavi Bhaskar It is criminal to reduce the modern day markets and corporate culture to a simple demand and supply relation. Corporates don’t function in isolation, they thrive on tapping the most popular social trend and making themselves visible as the flag bearer of that cause.  This freedom to participate in whichever way…

“Pedosexuality” Isn’t An LGBT+ Identity, Stop Trying To Make It One!

Posted by Pallavi Kaul bisexual, cisgender female Artwork by Damini Mehta Amongst a number of  widespread misconceptions about queer people, associating homosexuality  to pedophilia is an age old one. Queer people, for a very long time, have been accused of being pedophiles. There have also been deliberate attempts by queerphobic individuals and pedophiles alike to…