Poem: Give Me A Story

Give me a story where I do not have to bargain my brown-ness for queerness,
a movie that speaks my tongue,
that realises I’m here, have always been, 
that knows,
you can not scrub off the rainbows on tombstones, 
but you can acknowledge why they fill so many graves.

Poem: Queer, But Not Quite

The internet does not know
Being woke has never outweighed being alive.
This isn’t just a political discussion.
This is my life.

On Rosa Diaz’s (and my) Coming Out: A Reflection

By Srinitya Duvvuri bisexual, she/her When Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine came out as bisexual to her precinct on my smudgy laptop screen, I cheered. When Rosa came out to her parents, and came out to them again in the light of their misconceptions, I cried at how real it felt. Two months later, when I…

QUEER DATING 101: According To People Who Don’t Suck At it

Posted by Damini Mehta bisexual, she/her Being queer can be hard enough, and well, dating in the queer world is a whole another ball game. But fear not, fair queers, it’s a world that we shall face with valiance and success (even though gaydars are super hard to perfect sometimes) Here’s a few tips you…

Riding Pillion

Posted by Snigdha Popuri Artwork by Neha Upadhyay i keep nervous-glancing at the unattended brake and clutch levers as we head to the bus stop. finally, i ask him to keep a steady finger on things. i immediately catch his indifference in the side view mirror. my brother’s pride be damned, aren’t our lives more…

The Confessions Of An Indian Queer “Chinki”

Posted by Janet Massar I have an insatiable compulsion to walk around my apartment naked. I walk out of the bedroom, into my kitchen and finally into the bathroom. I then strip off my gold and red dashiki in front of a full-length mirror and contort my face in disgust as the mirror in front…

 यह मैं हूँ

लेखक – ज़ीमेन एक वक्त आया जब मैंने खुद को पाया । मैं कभी वह था ही नहीं जो दुनिया वाले मुझे बनाना चाहते थे । बहुत चिल्लाया , बहुत हाथ पैर मारे पर किसी ने कभी सुना ही नहीं । अरे नहीं हूँ मैं लड़की ! क्यों नहीं समझते सब ! लोग पागल कहते हैं…

Drag Culture: A Love Story

Posted by Devyani Mahajan bisexual, cisgender female she/her Artwork by Bhavya Sharma bisexual, non-binary I’m fairly new to the world of drag. It’s that phase when I have started picking up drag lingo and unintentionally using it in my daily conversations. Just the other day I got a weird stare from my brother for complimenting him…

Life As An Out And Proud Queer, Dalit Teenager

  Posted by Rishi  Artwork by Vanshika Singh Being 16 isn’t that easy especially in a “democracy” like India. I came out “accidentally and forcefully” as gay in 2014 because somehow my neighbours thought that it was their job, as the harbingers of liberty, to let my parents know how anti – national, unethical and…

Closeted Colours

Posted by Srinitya bisexual, cisgender female she/her Artwork by Neha Upadhyay Red I’m no fool to rush things and call it love, Time slows down when you live in a closet But I’m not the only one in there I knock on her doors and she knocks on mine A secret hidden in plain sight;…