Poem: The Goddess Bleeds Too

Every twenty eight days are a curse,

Yet I wonder why at their first arrival

they are celebrated as a girl’s ingress into the real world?

The blood I shed is a mark of coming of age

Yet after the first time it is treated as a bane…

Attention Netizens: Cancelling Is Cancelled

Believe it or not, your two cents are not always necessary. And absolutely nobody is going to engrave your 140 characters or 20 stories on a plaque and frame it. Instead of blindly adding fuel to the fire, perhaps choose to sit back, evaluate, and think.

Counting Tears: Forced Into Heterosexual Marriage

My friend is not the only one – he is just an example, there are thousands of queer individuals who go through the same silent but very real violence. It’s us who make the society and it’s us who need to break the norms with love and revolution.

Poem: Give Me A Story

Give me a story where I do not have to bargain my brown-ness for queerness,
a movie that speaks my tongue,
that realises I’m here, have always been, 
that knows,
you can not scrub off the rainbows on tombstones, 
but you can acknowledge why they fill so many graves.

Poem: Queer, But Not Quite

The internet does not know
Being woke has never outweighed being alive.
This isn’t just a political discussion.
This is my life.

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Posted By: Prakhya CV Until recently, good queer content was rare, whether in television or on YouTube, but a sudden surge in onscreen LGBTQ representation ensured that this list was hard to make. 2018 had innumerable magnificent videos that displayed queer lives in all its form, variety and glory and here are a few of…

On Rosa Diaz’s (and my) Coming Out: A Reflection

By Srinitya Duvvuri bisexual, she/her When Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine came out as bisexual to her precinct on my smudgy laptop screen, I cheered. When Rosa came out to her parents, and came out to them again in the light of their misconceptions, I cried at how real it felt. Two months later, when I…