A Dummy’s Guide To Queer Theory

Erasure of queer narratives in mainstream history has been a common
phenomenon worldwide. From the secret lives of scientists, to the not so secret gay erotica published by mainstream poets, queer identities have always been

Coming Out Wasn’t A One Time Thing

coming out was never a one time thing,
there are still days where we have to spell 
a gender, an orientation, an existence, a heartbeat,
but maybe soon, we won’t have to,
maybe soon,
it’ll be our last time around this. 

Poem: Give Me A Story

Give me a story where I do not have to bargain my brown-ness for queerness,
a movie that speaks my tongue,
that realises I’m here, have always been, 
that knows,
you can not scrub off the rainbows on tombstones, 
but you can acknowledge why they fill so many graves.

Poem: Queer, But Not Quite

The internet does not know
Being woke has never outweighed being alive.
This isn’t just a political discussion.
This is my life.