At Least…

My coming out doesn’t need your disgust or hatred or silence,
Or your performative wokeness that lasts shorter than my “gay phase”;
It doesn’t need your ‘Cool, I don’t care’,
We’ve been scared for too long for that
It at least needs a hug.
At least..


Love wins, and so does the human race. The judges adjudged the fact that along with decriminalizing homosexuality, this judgment would also take a leap forward in creating a safe and benign place for the members of the community.


Dear society, 
You called it a phase.!
“Phase phase phase. . .” 
No wonder, this term still echoes down my memory lane,
bearing such a negative connotation and awash with so much of  disgrace and shame.

Poem: Breathe

Dear world.
We are the 10%.
Love is love is love is love.
You can’t rejuvenate or modify it.
If it’s love ,you know it, Just go for it.
Pride is fight against discrimination.
it does not want anything new.
it just calls for removal of rusted opinions.

Coming Out Wasn’t A One Time Thing

coming out was never a one time thing,
there are still days where we have to spell 
a gender, an orientation, an existence, a heartbeat,
but maybe soon, we won’t have to,
maybe soon,
it’ll be our last time around this. 

Poem: Coming Out Isn’t Always Gay

Coming out of that closet isn’t easy,
Fighting for your freedom isn’t smooth,
How can I hurt people I love,
But I love myself more than them,
And I will come out to them.

The Tribulations Of Queer Dating With Mental Illness

Mental illness is neither romantic nor quirky nor fun. Its sufferers are battling silently in their head everyday. Don’t be surprised when you consciously choose to befriend or date someone with mental illness and they show their symptoms, because recovery isn’t linear.

Poem: The Goddess Bleeds Too

Every twenty eight days are a curse,

Yet I wonder why at their first arrival

they are celebrated as a girl’s ingress into the real world?

The blood I shed is a mark of coming of age

Yet after the first time it is treated as a bane…

Attention Netizens: Cancelling Is Cancelled

Believe it or not, your two cents are not always necessary. And absolutely nobody is going to engrave your 140 characters or 20 stories on a plaque and frame it. Instead of blindly adding fuel to the fire, perhaps choose to sit back, evaluate, and think.

Counting Tears: Forced Into Heterosexual Marriage

My friend is not the only one – he is just an example, there are thousands of queer individuals who go through the same silent but very real violence. It’s us who make the society and it’s us who need to break the norms with love and revolution.